Manna Summer 2019: Loving our buildings

Is your church building a blessing or a burden, or even both? Church of England Director of Churches and Cathedrals, Becky Clark, says in her Church of England blog post, in which she reflects on the response to the devastating fire at Notre Dame in Paris, “At times, architectural inheritance and modern use can seem to clash, but it is not right to argue we can have either history or convenience, the task is to find the balance between them.”

For the Rt Rvd John Inge, Bishop of Worcester, church buildings are not a millstone preventing mission, and in this issue of Manna we hear the stories of people who are making the most of their buildings in different ways. From path improvements in Meare to improve accessibility to large-scale transformations such as that experienced by St Mary’s Bridgwater.

We also hear of the love that people have for their buildings and from those who are here to help each and every church as they seek to find the balance between history and convenience. As Christopher Hyldon, Chair of the Diocesan Advisory Committee, notes, after all, “we are all partners in mission.”

Louise Willmot

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