West Pennard C of E Primary School create a Moving On prayer space

Children at West Pennard C of E Primary School have been busy over the summer term creating a ‘Moving On’ prayer space to help them think about moving forward either in the same school or a new school in September. Examples of the reflections include;

The Wheelbarrow
During this year each of us, at times, have got it wrong. We may have done things we are not proud of, things we wished we had not said or done. Write them down and then screw them up, placing them in the wheelbarrow as rubbish you want to leave behind. To help you ‘leave behind the rubbish of the year’, blow some bubbles. As you do, you might like to talk to God about how you are feeling. He’s listening

Wow Flags
What have been your ‘wow’ moments of this school year? You may have achieved something you thought was beyond you…you may have experienced something unexpected but amazing…
Whatever it is, use a flag to celebrate your joy!

Teacher, Dorothy Robinson, says the prayer space;

“Has proved proved humbling and inspiring as children have the opportunity to reflect, pray and see themselves as part of a ‘bigger picture”

Thank you to Dorothy for sending in the pictures.

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