‘Great buzz’ at Partnership for Missional Church event

More than 50 people from 7 benefices across the diocese gathered for the second Partnership for Missional Church (PMC) event.

Partnership for Missional Church is a three year process that gives churches a framework and resources to help them listen attentively to God and their community and decide what God might be calling them to be and do.

The first year is Listeningto God and to the community to see where God is already at work inside and outside church. The second year, Experimenting – is based on listening, and trying things out with people in the local community, to see and learn from what works and what doesn’t. The third year is Focusing- based on what has been learnt from experiments the group can articulate God’s future for their church/es and hopefully the experimenting will continue too.

The combination of commitment, spiritual disciplines and practical tools makes PMC a powerful process. The evidence from a pilot in Bath and Wells, and the experience of other dioceses, shows that it is a process that can lead to profound and positive change.

Bath and Wells Discipleship Team Leader Julia Hill says, “It was great to hear the buzz generated at this event.”

The first of the 6 spiritual practices introduced during the process is Dwelling in the Word.   This is faithful to the tradition of Lectio Divina, but used in a very specific way within the process. It is a way of corporately listening to God, scripture and each other, to discern God’s leading in the ‘here and now’ of each reading.

Julia Hill, “It was clear from listening to the benefices involved that incorporating Dwelling in the Word, into their meetings, sometimes including PCC meetings, was at times having a profound impact on those involved.”

For more information about PMC visit the Church Mission Society website or contact Julia Hill.

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