Bishop Ruth visits the Blue School

Hard work, creative thinking and infectious enthusiasm were the order of the day when Bishop Ruth visited to the Blue School in Wells at the invitation of Sarah Curl the School Chaplain.

“I’m delighted to be able to show Bishop Ruth the work we do here at the Blue school and it is wonderful that she has had the opportunity to meet some of our young people. It’s been such a privilege to have her with us.”

After a tour of the school, Bishop Ruth was introduced to some of the pupils who are involved in the more than 100 groups operating in the school; including members of the Chicken Club, Faith Workers, the Plastics Team, the World Challenge team and the Zambia Link, which Sarah herself helped set up.

Bishop Ruth chatted to pupils about their work and shared with the Zambia group some of her own treasures from her recent trip to the country.

Pupils commented, “She’s really nice to talk to. I didn’t know what it would be like speaking to a Bishop, but she’s really friendly.”

Sarah, who joined the Blue School a year ago, works three days a week.  During that time she has very much become an integral part of school life; she’s established Soul Café, a space provided once a month, during lunchtimes, for students to come and drink hot chocolate, eat toast or a simply use as a quiet space to sit and eat their lunch.

And Sarah regularly gets more than 20 pupils attending her ‘Faithworks’ Fridays, a session talking about life issues, which is accompanied by prayer and scripture.

In the afternoon Bishop Ruth took her staff and mitre along to a year 7 RE lesson where she chatted with pupils about her role as Bishop of Taunton.

“A fantastic visit to a fantastic school with fantastic young people! They can teach us a lot about how to care for our world and our neighbours across it.”

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