Clergy children enjoy surfing at Life to the Max weekend

This year was the eighteenth year of Life to the Max (LttM), our weekend away for young people aged 11-18 from clergy households. It was a young group that came, with many joining us for the first time. It was great to welcome younger siblings of those who have been before and see familiar faces from the last few years returning.

Going on the trip to St George’s House, Georgeham in North Devon were 22 young people and 6 leaders. We were delighted to welcome two young adults who joined us, having been to LttM when they were younger. They have since been off to university and done various other things, but the impact of Life to the Max on their lives was significant, resulting in them being regulars at St George’s House ever since, attending many other events that the centre put on. Jess and Cesca shared lots with the young people throughout the weekend, as well as leading a session on Saturday night around their experiences of having grown up in a clergy household and what LttM meant to them. They bravely answered a whole range of questions that the young people came up with and shared honestly with them.

We were treated to wall-to-wall sunshine for the whole weekend, which was great after a rather wet weekend in 2018. Saturday involved lots of surfing all day, with just a few opting for land based activities on Saturday afternoon such as fencing and archery. The surf may not have been great, but the young people were brilliant, with many of them getting up on their feet and riding a few waves (the same can’t be said for the leaders!).

As ever, we finished the weekend with significant friendships having been formed and young people connecting across all kinds of social media platforms. We never cease to be amazed about how we can take away a group, many who have never met before, and then watch as they interact, include everyone and make long lasting friendships. We feel so privileged to be able to work with the Diocese of Bristol in running this annual event and are already looking forward to next year.

Quotes from the young people:

“I liked surfing, it was fun!”

“I liked surfing and getting to know people”

“Fun” “LTTM was a place to relax and a free space”

“It was awesome and I loved surfing”


(Cesca) coming back to LTTM…

“It was great to see the culture of LTTM is the same as it was but with new traditions, and I loved chatting to all of them”


Next year Life to the Max will take place from 18 to 20 September 2020.

Cheryl Govier
Go Team Adviser

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