Set fires blazing where Jesus is being shared

Over the summer I showed my sons how to focus the sun’s rays to burn things…silly idea, I know.  But we  forget the power of the sun that God has given for our life.  Unless we get caught out without suncream, then we get a painful reminder.  Gathering  the suns rays  together and focussing them can sometimes can start a fire.  It doesn’t require much to really get a fire started: energy focussed in the right place and time, in the right way.

My boys then tried rubbing sticks together and gave up after quite some time. The energy just wasn’t sufficiently focussed, and the energy they did put in seemed to vanish into the air. Although fire can be destructive, we know of how vital life giving warmth can sometimes be.  Nevertheless, we know from experience that fires can spread very easily.

Advance2020 is just such a ‘bringing together’, of those called to mission and enthusiastic  faith sharing, in order to set a fire of mission and evangelism throughout the UK.  Such people seem to have amazing energy, but if it is only applied like rubbing sticks together then much of that energy can seem to be for nothing.

In Hebrews we read ‘Let us not give up meeting together…but let us encourage one another…’.  What might happen to you or someone you know, who is already enthusiastic about mission and will tell everyone, it seems, about Jesus, if they gathered together with others?  What about if they came together with hundreds of  others, from around the country?  Would that fan into flame a gift?  Would that spur them on?  And aflame, would they then set fires in other places, in our Bath and Wells communities, in our villages and towns?

As faith sharing enabler in the diocese, I am taking a mini-bus group of enthusiastic faith sharers, mission people and evangelists, to Birmingham on 12 October this year for the launch of the Advance2020. 12 October is a day trip, convening just off the M5 at 8am in the morning, and returning by around 10pm.  It is all paid for, the only thing you would have to do is get to the convening point under your own steam.

If you would be interested in this all expenses paid (ok…hyped it a bit there but I am excited!) trip to Birmingham or know someone who would be, please let me know ASAP – I have to reserve  tickets. And the spaces on the mini-bus are going fast.

It might be you are already going…and if you are Please get in touch with me as this isn’t a one off.  The idea is to set fires blazing around the diocese where Jesus is being shared, and where we can encourage everyone in our churches to be ready with a reason for the hope they have in Jesus whether they are called to the office of evangelist or not.  So throughout next year we will continue to meet and connect with each other, and spur one another on!

Andy Gray Faith Sharing Enabler

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