Messy Church Hubs go with a bang

Mid-way through November the Go Team joined with Tina Hodgett (Evangelism and Pioneer Leader) in hosting the annual Messy Church Hubs. Once again, there was a hub in each archdeaconry,  gathering Messy Church teams from across the diocese with about 50 people attending.

This year’s hubs focused on science experiments and engaging the whole family. Those who attended were given the opportunity to have a go at the various experiments which involved Diet Coke exploding, Marshmallows being catapulted and Skittles (of the sweet variety) turning into a rainbow of colours. Participants also made badges, using the badge machines that can be borrowed from the Go Team. The attendees were asked to come up with Bible links for each of the experiments, thinking how they could use them in their Messy Church. The hubs also saw the launch of the new Messy Church Facebook page.

Cheryl Govier, Go Team Adviser said, ‘The evenings were a great opportunity to connect with some of the brilliant Messy Church teams from across the Diocese. There was a real buzz as people talked about their joys and some reassurance as they shared their struggles. The science experiments created lots of excitement, with the Diet Coke and Mentos experiment being a favourite. The conversations around helping their Messy Church families to encounter God beyond their Messy Church gathered was particularly thought provoking.

“Thank you to everyone who came and shared. We are hugely grateful to the deeply committed Messy Church teams who are helping families to live and tell the story of Jesus across our diocese.”

At each evening there was an opportunity to share the joys and challenges of Messy Church, with lots of helpful and encouraging networking taking place. At each evening time was taken to discuss how they can effectively engage the whole family at Messy Church, using the Church of England’s, Growing Faith paper to aid the conversation. At each of the evenings, discussions around how Messy Churches help their congregations to take their next steps of faith and explore it at home was considered.

Click on the links to download the instructions for the three experiments used during the events:

Diet Coke and Mentos

Skittles Rainbows

Marshmallow Catapults


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