Celebrating and sharing best practice in RE and Collective Worship from church schools in the diocese

We are keen to share good practice around Collective Worship and RE both in the newsletter and on our website.  You might find this example of Collective Worship floor books interesting and inspiring and something you might like to think about.  Holy Trinity Church School in Yeovil have their SIAMS coming up soon and are keen to make their case for excellence.  We wish them well.

At Holy Trinity, Yeovil, we have been capturing the children’s responses to worship in the form of an ‘In-Class Worship’ floor book. Every class in the school has a floor book and it offers the children the opportunity to respond to key questions, prayers, bible verses and stories. The children record these responses in different forms. This has been a huge success across the school and something the children enjoy and look forward to. 

Sarah Blake, RE Co-ordinator, Holy Trinity Church School, Yeovil 

West Pennard C of E Primary School have also been working hard last year creating prayer stations for themes or seasons in the church calendar, to read about the advent prayer stations. Hopefully this may be inspiring to those leading RE and Collective Worship in schools. We have a team of advisors within the Education Department who can support RE, Collective Worship or any SIAMS issues. Please do not hesitate to contact them.

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