Prayer Week at Danesfield School

Last week saw local church volunteers, along with school chaplain Patrick Weld, put on a prayer week at Danesfield C of E Middle School in Williton. A classroom was taken over and nine different prayer activities were set up for students to experience new ways of engaging with prayer and reflection.

The week had two themes, ‘Me in God’s World’: thinking about our planet and how to care for it properly. This included a huge blue bucket which started empty but to which each child added a spoon full of water. This showed that our actions may seem small but put together they add up to make a difference.

The second theme was ‘God in My World’ which looked at our uniqueness, being thankful, the impression we make and forgiving others. Each form group came to visit the prayer room in a lesson time, and were also able to return at lunchtime throughout the week if they wished.

Patrick, who is employed by Great Wood Trust to spend part of his week at Danesfield, commented, “The children responded very positively to the time they had in the room. Each student had a favourite activity, something which they had connected with well.”

“At the end of the week there were lots of great questions asked, lots of appreciation for our uniqueness and the things that make us grateful, lots of thinking about our response to the climate crisis, and an almost full blue bucket.”


Many of the ideas used were inspired by Prayer Spaces in Schools whose website is a great resource for creative ‘prayer stations’ as well as giving practical tips on setting up and running a prayer space in a school. To find out more take a look or contact one of the Go Team Advisers.



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