What does love look like? A message for 2020.

Read Bishop Ruth's  New Year message below, or listen to it on soundcloud.


Love looks like… St Paul’s Junior school in Shepton Mallett.  The children had heard that the Cheddar Valley food bank had been broken into and so they collected some food and parcelled up hampers to deliver, to replenish stocks.

Love looks like… Somewhere to Go in Weston-super-Mare.  Now their doors are open day and night, providing a bed for rough sleepers, helping folk get back on their feet and find somewhere to live, off the streets.

Love looks like… the hospitality of those who will welcome a guest round their table this Christmas who may otherwise be on their own.

What does love look like in your community?  Where do you see evidence of love at work?

Christmas gives us a stark reminder of what love looks like.  The gift of a child, born in poverty, into a displaced family with nowhere to call home.  God becoming one of us, living amongst us, sharing in our human experience.

It’s a story that reminds us we are loved even when we feel unlovely or forgotten.

So as we enter a new year how might we live the love that we see in the story of Christmas?  How might we bring the hope of that love to others?  Listening to those who feel unheard, addressing the inequalities in our society, ensuring a future for the next generation is all part of how we can live that love.

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