Bishop Peter hands over safeguarding lead role

Bishop Peter has handed over the role of lead safeguarding Bishop for the Church of England, after four years. He will be succeeded by the Bishop of Huddersfield, Jonathan Gibbs, and the Bishop of Southampton, Debbie Sellin.

Bishop Peter said: “My time as lead bishop for safeguarding has been challenging and rewarding. While it is clear there is still has a long way to go in making the Church a safe and welcoming place for all who come to it, progress has been made. For me personally it has both been a huge privilege to meet and hear from many victims and survivors of abuse, and very challenging. Their courage in coming forward to report abuse and to tell their stories has been humbling.
“Although I shall no more be lead bishop my commitment to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of all will not change.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby said: “We are truly grateful to Bishop Peter who as lead safeguarding bishop, represented the Church at its three IICSA hearings over the past two years as well as leading on the response both to the recommendations and the important calls for change from survivors. His commitment to safeguarding and the mission of the Church is exemplary and the House of Bishops has learnt a lot from him.
“We welcome Bishop Jonathan and Bishop Debbie and commend their willingness to take up this role which is a vital part of the work of the Church. I am aware of the immense time commitment involved and pray for them as this new chapter begins.”

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