Prayers for Zambia as first coronavirus cases reported

Rt Revd William Mchombo, Bishop of Eastern Zambia has asked for prayers for the people of Zambia as it experiences the first cases of coronavirus. At the moment the number affected is small, but there are concerns Zamiba will struggle to cope if the virus spreads.

Bishop William says, “It’s hard fighting an enemy one cannot see. In our case we’ve not yet even started. It’s all screening with limited testing. It only shows how incapable we are to fight the pandemic if it were to hit us on the scale of Europe. Prayers are appreciated that the spreading of the virus is stopped.”

“With support from a friend I managed to buy masks and hand sanitisers for health workers at St Luke’s Clinic and surrounding health centres in Msoro.”

Bath and Wells Mission Team Leader, David Maggs says, “Zambia took strong precautionary measures such a border controls at an early stage, but we need to pray for the health services and church response, given the likely spread of the disease and the limited resources available”

Bishop William also thanked the people of Bath and Wells for their generous response to the Zambia floods. An appeal was launched by the diocese in February following devastating floods which destroyed crops and infrastructure, and left many families homeless.

In all £4557.13 was raised to help those affected. Bishop William said, relief food and supplies are already being distributed to families in need.

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