Readers in training rise to the challenge

We have ten Readers-to-be in training and seven newly licenced Readers in the middle of training. We met as usual at the Old Deanery on Sunday the day before lockdown. How would we finish training? The ubiquitous Zoom.

So we gathered at 9am. Ooops, the leader was in one room and all the Readers in another. A short bit of technical confusion and finally we were all together and able to share our stories of lockdown, what our churches were doing and prayer requests. A student led us in Morning Prayer before we divided into our groups.

The newly licenced Readers were in the middle of learning to conduct funerals and the tutor, the Revd Jennifer Hall from St Mary’s, Stoke Bishop, was able to share her sad experiences of taking funerals in lockdown and how to include those who could not attend and provide bereavement care at a distance.

After lunch we regrouped for a creative prayer time focusing on our hands and how we could use them in prayer. All of us with our pencil and paper at home. Then back into classrooms for sessions. Really it was very similar to our sessions at the Old Deanery but no long drive home at the end.

Our next challenge is how we will licence our 10 fully trained Readers in October. We’ll let you know!

Elizabeth Harper
Lay Ministries Enabler


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