Vocations are for everyone…

Vocations are for everyone, not just some. All are called, all are needed.

In the past when the word Vocation was used it was thought of in terms of Ordination or Reader Ministry. Since the Setting God’s people free initiative it has been wonderfully highlighted that God’s invitation is for everyone to share in Christ’s mission to the world. God calls everyone. So, just as there are a diverse range of gifts, there are a plethora of different shapes and styles of ministries.

This year, Vocations Sunday (3 May 2020) has fallen within this exceptional and strange time we are living in, one during which we may find that we have time and space to reflect and pray. We may find that a new idea or calling is emerging for us and we would like to explore this further.

We all have gifts, but these can be hard to recognise sometimes in ourselves and we need the help of people and other resources, in order to see this. Here are some ways that you may find helpful.

The Everyday Faith leaflets ‘Growing with God’ and ‘How can I contribute’, offer some key questions and guidance on being called and serving or take a look at their new ‘Exploring our Gifts’ leaflet for help on how to discover your gifts. Or talk with people who know you well, someone from your Church or ministry team or a Chaplain for Discerning Calling. These are people who are attentive listeners, who would be delighted to help. And we are always looking for more people to join this team in this vital work.

If you think, ‘How can God be calling me?’, you are not alone, it is a natural first reaction. However, don’t let fear hold you back, let God’s love draw you in and lead you on.

For God calls us all. Every person having their unique part to play. Why not discover what God has in store for you and how together with God, you can make a difference!

For further information or simply a conversation please call us in the Vocations Team. We would love to help.

Jill Perrett
Lay Ministries Developer

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