Welcoming new Bishops Adviser for Healing

We are delighted to welcome Gilly Bunce as Bishops Adviser for Healing. Retired GP Gilly is currently Associate Priest at Worle parish, where she has been since her ordination in 2007. Gilly’s deep understanding of healing is based on her life’s work, having spent 30 years in General Practice and some years training in homeopathic medicine. She says is thrilled to be part of the Diocesan Healing Advisory Group (DHAG).

“It took me about three weeks to believe I was being offered the position at all. The way I actually view faith, is largely in terms of healing; different people being healed, bit by bit, and growing and healing as individuals. Very often gently and unspectacularly, but at some depth, then the community heals too. As I look back over my life, I recognise I have tended to see things in terms of healing and growth. So, I am delighted to be more involved with healing ministry.”

Chair of DHAG, Justine North had this to say about Gilly’s appointment,
“On behalf of the existing DHAG team I would like to welcome Gilly as Healing Advisor! I know she has a wealth of knowledge, experience and wisdom when it comes to caring for others, and such enthusiasm for healing ministries. I am excited to be working with her, and look forward to how, together as a team, we can support and encourage congregations and communities to further their work in God’s mission of healing and wholeness.”

Gilly says of starting her new post in healing ministry, “A large chunk of it is going to be getting to know people to find out what people’s hopes and dreams are and have been; to try to build on the past and all that’s been going on. I’m very much looking forward to finding out how things are now and how I can work with Justine as we discover what God has in store.”

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