Skyped prayers and phone support at Europe’s largest building site

Remote prayers and pastoral care by phone have been taking place at Hinkley Point C in Bridgwater where Chaplain Ewen Huffman, is on campus but due to government restrictions, many of the 4,500 workers are unable to come in.

Each day Ewen is there to offer support to all members of staff whether they are in work or at home. Making sure he adheres to social distancing rules, Ewen has been available, in person or remotely to provide a listening ear to those who may need it.

“If people want to see me, we just meet somewhere appropriate where we can keep our distance. If they prefer they can phone me. I also spend a fair amount of time wandering around canteens and sometimes on site (escorted) just to chat to people, sense needs and keep morale up.  I’m obviously careful in all I do, and my hygiene routine on arriving home.”

Like many during the Covid 19 pandemic, Ewen has found new and innovative ways to provide stay connected with the Hinkley Point C workforce.

“Some of us link up to do the Northumbria Community’s Celtic Daily Prayer Midday Office at 12.15pm on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Obviously, we can’t gather physically now, so we do it by Skype- one person leading the prayers and the others muting their microphones, so it doesn’t end in a jumble. There are about 17 people who might join in, but typically we have a different three to six people joining in each day. It’s good! We pray for any needs we know of that are appropriate to that context and always for our project and its leadership.”

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