Bishop William thanks Bath and Wells for its support following floods in Zambia

Bishop William from Eastern Zambia has thanked the people of Bath and Wells for their generous donations to help provide aid to support those devastated by recent floods. Bishop William said:

“The relief food saved people from starvation especially children and the elderly with underlying health conditions.

Stunting among under five children is prevalent in Eastern province. The relief food that we received was timely in the provision of the needed food nutrients.

Children are also susceptible to diarrhoeal cases. The provision of chlorine to treat water prevented water borne diseases such as cholera. We cannot thank enough the people of Bath and Wells for their generosity.”

Earlier in the year the Eastern province was ravaged by torrential rain, causing rivers to burst their banks. The subsequent floods swept away homes, destroyed roads, infrastructure and crops. An appeal was launched by the diocese to raise funds for much needed supplies. Those funds have now reached those who are most in need and have gone some way to help support them during this difficult time.


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