A song of hope from Chew Stoke Church School

During the summer term, at Chew Stoke Church School the Christian value they focused on was Hope, as planned even before the pandemic. As they were unable to worship together as a school, because of social distancing, they chose a song to all learn in each of their separate hubs, the aptly named ‘Hope Song’.

The equally aptly named Carole Hope, the school’s RE co-ordinator explains, “This was a coincidence as we have a three year rolling programme of pre-determined values, but if ever we needed Hope as our value, it was during this pandemic.¬†Learning the song and teaching the children Makaton signs for the words, has bought us all an unexpected and deeply shared fellowship when times were otherwise pretty bleak.

“The children have thoroughly enjoyed learning the song and it has given us a shared purpose. It has given us Hope and we wanted to share that hope with our wider community. We hope that the smiles of our children will spread a little Hope¬† far and wide this summer as we break up.”

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