Bishop Peter to bless Flourish House as staff return

While the move into Flourish House, originally scheduled for 27 March 2020, had to be postponed due to the Covid pandemic lockdown, some diocesan staff have now started to work from the building and on Friday, 10 July, Bishop Peter will be holding a service of thanksgiving, dedication and blessing.

While a small number of staff will be in attendance at the service it is hoped that a more formal opening of Flourish House will follow at a later date when all staff, trustees, parishioners, and people involved directly in the project, can be invited along to the offices in person to celebrate the move.

Diocesan Secretary Nick May, said: “Just as our churches are starting to see people return to their buildings we are starting to see some sign of normal working life at Flourish House.

“Although we are not able to hold the large-scale event we had hoped for, Bishop Peter’s blessing of the building will still be a joyous occasion. It is an opportunity to give thanks for all the hard work that has helped us reach this point but also to look forward in hope to the time when we can see this building bustling with activity, welcoming people from across the diocese and beyond, as together we seek to live and tell the story of Jesus.”

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