Keep in touch!

Maintaining school links during the pandemic

As the summer term draws to a close, the Go Team has put together a 2 minute video with Director of Education, Ed Gregory to encourage clergy and church workers to maintain positive contact with their local schools.

The video thanks all those from local churches across the diocese who have been a great support to Headteachers and school communities during the pandemic and focuses on three things we can do to maintain positive church/school links at this time.

Go Team Adviser Cheryl Govier says: “We’d like to make three suggestions of ways in which you can connect and continue to maintain relationships with your local schools.”

  1. Keep in touch with the Headteacher
  2. Send a gift to the staff room
  3. Tell them you are praying

“A huge thank you to our clergy colleagues, on behalf of our Education Department and all of our church schools, for the love, the care and the support that you’ve been showing”

Ed Gregory, Director of Education


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