School boy receives thank you letter from the Queen

11-year-old Zack Pepper from St Mark’s Primary School in Worle, has been sharing his joy at receiving letters from the Prime Minister, Prince Charles and the Queen.

The letters were a thank you for Zack’s specially designed picture and letter, sent to the dignitaries, his local care home, friends, neighbours and teachers, to cheer them up during lockdown.

Inspired by his headteacher, Mrs Bath, who’d been writing to people during lockdown as a way of keeping in touch, Zack set to work designing his letters and cards. He turned it into a mini project for himself and got busy cutting, sticking and writing.

He created an illustration which incorporated words of encouragement; “Even though we are apart, we can still stay in contact” and sent them to his grandmother who was alone, his family and neighbours, a local care home, his head teacher, and class teacher. Then he decided to add some others to his list; the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, Prince Charles, the Queen and Prince George.

Zack didn’t expect to hear back from anyone, but said he was ‘over the moon’ when he received the replies. His Mum Rebecca said she is thrilled that he’s had such a positive response to all his hard work. But the thing Zack says he is most chuffed about is the Headteacher Award he received from the person who first encouraged his community minded correspondence.

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