Prayer – Everyone, Everywhere! 2021 Archdeaconry ‘Days’ with a difference!

The 2021 Archdeaconry ‘days’ will explore ways of praying, wherever and whoever we are.

A short video will go live each day for you to watch at your convenience.  The event will run from 11 to 16 January, with accompanying prayer ideas to try each day on the theme for that day.

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There will also be resources for those who are offline so that everyone, everywhere can join in.

Themes will include Prayer and Nature, Prayer and the Bible, Prayer and People and Prayer and the Digital World.

Here’s Discipleship Team Leader, Julia Hill to tell you more.

Register to receive the Archdeaconry Day 2021 resources

For more information, or to make suggestions, contact Julia Hill  or call 01749 685114

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