Back to School

During the past few days, we have seen children and young people across our Diocese return to school and further education establishments. In these unprecedented times, school settings look and feel very different to how they did pre-lockdown. Our schools remain a central part of our local communities and parishes, with many of us knowing children and young people who are in full-time education and for whom this time has been particularly challenging.

At this time, many of us, as volunteers in the local church will be unable to visit schools as we may have done in the past. As we seek to encourage and support our local school/s, the Go Team have put together a Video and a ‘How to’ guide to help you navigate your way through this time with some ideas on how you can engage with your local school/s.

More information for schools and parishes seeking to support children and young people can be found in the Coronavirus Support section of the website.

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