Children from West Pennard CofE Primary School explore the value of friendship

The children of West Pennard CofE Primary School enjoyed their first Whole School Value Day of the new school year on the theme of friendship. Working in year groups, they explored their  ‘Growing Christian Values’, and had great fun as they reflected on the qualities that make a great friend and how we ourselves can be a good friend. The wisdom of the day came from Jacob in Year 3 who said ‘A friend is a reflection of who you are.’ Activities included a rainbow made collaboratively, making friendship ‘pies’ and paper hugs to giveaway.’

This week the West Pennard School community have gone into stealth mode! As part of their WOW afternoons (Wellbeing On Wednesday) they have been challenged to be Ninja Angels! The idea is to do a small act of kindness for someone in school before half term, but without them knowing it was you – hence the ‘ninja’ part. The emphasis is on the kindness, not being congratulated for it. Dorothy Robinson, RE and Collective Worship Leader said;

We understand that it is not about us feeling lovely (although we will feel good because we have spread a little joy) but much more about someone else feeling cared for. We spent time thinking of ways to be kind to each other without spending money – we became very creative!  Just like the Milk Tray Man, we will leave a ‘calling card’ of a Ninja Angel so that the recipient knows they’ve been ‘visited’.

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