#NewRevs2020: Finding out it’s never too late – that with God all things are possible

From the moment she started going to church as a child,  joined the choir, and heard about the good news of Jesus, Shaula Reilly’s faith in Jesus has always been central to her life. Though she admits there have been ups and downs along the way her faith has never wavered.

From childhood Shaula always wanted to be a doctor, for her it was one way of demonstrating the love of God to others. She spent 20 years living in and around Taunton, working as a GP, but latterly she began to feel that God had other plans for her.

‘To my utter amazement I suddenly realised one day that God was calling me to ordination. I had always been involved in and committed to church but had seen myself as being on the peripheries looking out, rather than at the centre.’

‘I had a real sense of ‘with God all things are possible’ and as I walked forwards the doors kept on opening. I would really encourage everyone to be open to what God is doing in their lives – it is never too late, God has never finished working in us, and it may be something completely unexpected! With hindsight, I can recognise that God had been calling me over many years, but I didn’t hear that call until the time was right. I am now looking forward to sharing the good news of Jesus in ways that were never possible or appropriate during my work as a doctor – to be able to point people to where true hope and peace can be found.’


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