Harvest on the Farm

At St Thomas’, Wells Rev’d Jan Shellard-James and the team were trying to think of ways to pick up their work with families again, being that they haven’t seen many of them in church since lockdown.

They were kindly invited to visit a farm in Horrington, where the Milk Hut is situated (find out more on their Facebook Page ). 25 people in total attended, with them taking a walk around the fields, staying in household groups or two small households together. Families had to spot pictures on route and write down the initial letter of each picture. At the end, they had to unjumble the letters to spell TREASURE. Those who wanted to, admired the calves. Then the families sat in the garden (household picnic rugs defining who stayed where) with a goody bag for each household which contained a treasure box template to cut and stick together, some pictures of treasure, pens and a prayer.

Jan shared the parable of the man who found treasure in a field in a Godly Play open ended way. Families pondered who/what had been the most important things/people to us through lockdown. They considered what was most important to them. What would they sell up everything else to have?

They listened to a harvest song and then they said the prayer together.

Jan said ‘It took longer than I’d thought because the walk involved blackberry picking. We were really pleased with the uptake, where through the personal invitations we sent, we got a great response. Being outside on a lovely afternoon, felt like the right place to thank God for his good gifts.’

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