#NewRevs2020: Patiently trusting in God

Keen football supporter, Julian Davies and his wife Diane met at university where they were both studying history. They have been married for 16 years and have three children, but it was when they decided to get married that Julian, and Dianne, first came to faith.

‘We wanted to get married in a church though were nervous of the religious aspect of it, so came first to a carol service and then the vicar invited us to services in the run-up to our wedding. We grew to appreciate the Christian faith more and more and by the time of the big day decided we needed to dedicate our lives to Christ.’

Before training for ordination Julian worked in a number of government departments, studied for a degree and then PhD in history at university, worked in local government for 11 years and latterly in a body that regulates higher education. All the time he had a strong sense of God in his life; through the good times and also the hard times, such as when his son was diagnosed with autism and severe learning needs, but it wasn’t until 2010 that he felt a nudge towards ordination.

‘It was just a ‘voice’ that would not go away. I had an amazing experience of healing in 2016 from post-viral fatigue in which it was clear God was calling me to ordination. For me the journey has been a real experience of learning that God works things out in his time, and we need to be patient and trust in Him.’

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