Online service remembers those who have died during Covid pandemic

A service to remember those who have died during the Covid pandemic is being broadcast online by the diocese and Wells Cathedral.

Led by Bishop Ruth and the Dean of Wells, the service includes a reading of the names of those who have died over the last few months, submitted by their families. Candles were lit in the Cathedral for each of those who have died.

Bishop Ruth said: “So many people weren’t able to attend funerals or grieve properly when their loved ones died in the last few months, because of restrictions imposed by the pandemic. We hope this service will offer people a chance to come together online and mourn their loved ones by name, alongside others who have also been bereaved. We are of course on the edge of a winter which threatens to contain dark days– the message of this service and to those who mourn is, that we have hope in the future, through our belief in the resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

The service features a reflection from Rev Narinder Tegally, chaplain at the Royal United Hospital in Bath, who ministered to many Covid patients. Her own husband was seriously ill with Covid in intensive care.

The video of the service will be available on this page from 19:00 on Wednesday, 30 September. Watch live or at a time to suit you.

We remember before God those who have died during the Coronavirus pandemic, and those who continue to suffer.

And give thanks for the dedication, skill and courage of those who have served selflessly throughout. AMEN

We remember:

  • David O’Callaghan
  • Joan Dascombe
  • Charlotte Stock
  • Brian Harder
  • Emma Siese
  • Irene Stephens
  • Win Webber
  • Joyce Ball
  • Joy Chant
  • Andrew Kimber
  • Roger Giles
  • Juliet Davey
  • Helena Avramenko
  • Martin Gillmore
  • Steve Rogers
  • Ernest George Oaten
  • Keith Mclennan
  • Janet Fielden
  • Anthony Geoffrey Hooper
  • Ian Lyons
  • Myra Chilcott
  • Yvonne Stone
  • Captain Stephen Rogers
  • Elizabeth Essex
  • Hilary Claire Lister
  • Sarah Champion
  • Sarah
  • Anthony Joseph Higgins
  • Nicola Ann Amer
  • Nigel John Libby
  • Paul Richard Gandy Bradford
  • John Bidwell
  • Terence Donovan
  • Stuart Gunn
  • Jean Elizabeth Timbrell
  • Peter Watts
  • Ruth Margaret Bearman
  • Christine Carrick
  • Stephen Lynham
  • William Hodgett
  • Eileen Smith
  • Phyllis Lloyd
  • Andrew Sillett
  • Ron Radley
  • Henry Burton
  • Graham Jennings
  • John Vickers
  • Nancy Ada Crook
  • Jean Kemmish
  • Josie Margaret Walrond
  • Gordon Schwarz
  • Basil Dolivera



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