Update from Bishop Peter as he begins further treatment

Bishop Peter has sent an update on this treatment this week, with encouraging news.  We thank God and continue to pray for him and his wife Jane and family, and the doctors and nurses treating him. He goes back into hospital for further treatment this week.

Thank you for your prayers, encouragement and support.  It has meant a huge amount to Jane and me.  It was a joy to come home after 38 days in hospital and to see trees, flowers and birds again – and of course to be with Jane.  I have been eating well, catching up with things and resting and recovering, in readiness for all that lies ahead.

I am delighted to say however that the news is good.  I went to see the consultant yesterday and the results from recent blood and bone marrow tests were very encouraging.  The consultant was able to assure me that I am in remission and that the leukaemia has gone (albeit for the moment).  He likened it to putting weedkiller on a lawn and said that this gets rid of the weeds (although it has never done on any lawn I have had), but in time, without further treatment, the weeds will come back.

The news could not have been better as it demonstrates that  I have responded well to the first course of chemotherapy and that it has been effective.  This opens the door to the next stage, which will probably be a second course of chemotherapy and then hopefully a stem cell transplant.  It is not yet clear when this might happen.  I had only expected to be home for a few days, so this slightly longer time at home has been a gift, especially with the lovely weather we have been having.  Hopefully, this second course will be less intensive and also of course I know what to expect this time round.  So I remain confident as I prepare to go back into hospital.

The Psalm at evening prayer tonight was Psalm 33 which ended with the verse: ‘Let your loving kindness, O Lord, be upon us, as we have set our hope on you.’

Encouraging and reassuring words for us all.

I am very grateful to Bishop Ruth for the wonderful way she has stepped in as Acting Diocesan Bishop and although I have stepped back I am hearing lots of heartening things about all that is happening in the diocese.  I know Ruth would be the first to say that she has had the most wonderful support from all of you and that is undoubtedly true.

I trust all is well with you and those you love and pray for.  As we say farewell to summer and embrace all that autumn will bring, may the Lord be with you in all things.

With my warm greetings,


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