A gallery of cows to raise money to send a real cow to Africa

The pupils, parents and teachers at Cutcombe and Exford Church of England First Schools have been having an ‘a-mooosing’ time raising money for their Send a Cow Harvest appeal.
Together pupils, parents and teachers have been painting, drawing, sticking, gluing, colouring and photographing cows to create their very own Send a Cow gallery.

There are more than 80 pictures. They depict all manner of cow; fat thin, tall, short and cows in all colours of the rainbow. There’s even a surfing cow.

Here are a few of from the gallery, to see all of them open the attachment below this page.

As well as having lots of fun, the schools have also raised the £210 needed to fund a whole real cow through the charity which will support a family in rural Africa.

Bishop Ruth who is a Patron for Send a Cow said: “What a fabulous idea. Such a lot of thought and creativity has gone into this joyous project and the money raised to buy a cow will make a huge difference to the lives of a family in need in rural Africa.”

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