Churchwardens to gather for Zoom visitations

Churchwardens from across the diocese have been invited to attend their annual visitations, which this year will take place over Zoom. Visitations are the annual event, which churchwardens must attend, at which they are to be formally admitted to office.

Clergy, Readers and other licensed ministers are also very welcome to attend and churchwardens or clergy can forward the invitation details for their particular event.

  • Taunton Archdeaconry – 7pm on Monday, 16 November
  • Bath Archdeaconry – 7pm on Tuesday, 24 November
  • Wells Archdeaconry – 7pm on Wednesday, 2 December

If you are a churchwarden and you have not received an invitation, please contact your archdeacon.

Email the Archdeacon of Taunton

Email the Archdeacon of Bath

Email the Archdeacon of Wells

There are no Articles of Enquiry this year.  If there is anything that you would like to draw to the archdeacons’ attention (be it a cause of rejoicing or worry) please email your archdeacon.

Clergy and Churchwardens are requested to attend their own Archdeaconry Visitation, but if prevented from so doing, they may attend that of another Archdeaconry. Any churchwardens unable to attend any of the above services, should contact their archdeacon.

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