Light ‘Drive-Thru’ at Locking Castle

2020 is the year where we have had to continually think outside the box. Many of us have experienced a sense of loss and disappointment at the things we haven’t been able to do, having had to cancel events and plans, including Light Parties. At Locking Castle Church, Weston-super-Mare, they didn’t let the current pandemic deter them.

Cathy Bond, Children’s and Families worker, reflected on how a McDonald’s Drive-Thru works. She thought about the number of people McDonalds’s workers talked to whilst serving them food. From here, she had a vision for creating a drive-thru event, which allowed the church team to do something safely, by welcoming and chatting to church and community families about Jesus, while they were safely in their cars.

Cathy said “It was such fun seeing all the smiling families pulling up on our church driveway receiving bags of light and being blessed”

Households were encouraged to go home and tune into Pulse Ministries online ‘Delight Party’  whilst enjoying the contents of their bags which all focused on Jesus and his awesome light.

After the success of the Light Drive-Thru, Covid restrictions allowing, they are now planning a Christingle one on Christmas Eve. Households will collect their Christingle bags and then go home to watch a video put together by the Church team, which will help families assemble their Christingle’s, whilst exploring the meaning together.

Throughout this year, the Go Team have been focusing their work on the Growing Faith Adventure, considering the partnership between schools, households and churches. Underlying this are three key principles; connected communities, spiritual encounters and imaginative practices. We have seen so many fantastic examples of these principles throughout the current pandemic and Locking Castle have embraced this through their brilliant Drive through events. Please do continue to share your stories with us, as we would love to hear more. Send them to Sarah Lockie.

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