‘Listening and learning’ pledge as diocesan synod meets again

Diocesan Synod met again by Zoom this week to reflect on progress made on its commitment to embed the culture of pioneering in the diocese, and on progress towards achieving Net Zero, following the declaration of a climate emergency earlier this year.

Bishop Ruth, in her presidential address, said the Diocese was grappling with challenges imposed by the pandemic in terms of financial and human resource, but that its biggest challenge was to “determine where we can be most effective and what is both important and urgent”.

“Listening and learning is something which the Church is being called to in all sorts of ways, to listen to the stories and questions of those around us, to listen to God as we pray and seek to shape the Church for a sustainable future.”

Download Bishop Ruth’s presidential address to read in full below.

The pioneer project, which is funded by the Strategic Development Fund, is now at a midway point. It is one of diocesan synod’s three missional priorities, along with chaplaincy and Magnificat parishes. Nine pioneer posts have been created, and eight of these have already been appointed. Rev Tina Hodgett, Evangelism and Pioneer Team Leader, said Covid had helped to create a context in which “we are all pioneers now” and real progress was already being made in creating new communities and embedding a culture of pioneering across the diocese.

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