‘Make second lockdown month a month of prayer’

The Archbishop of Canterbury, with the Archbishop of York and the Bishop of London, has published a letter to the Church of England suggesting that November is set as a month of prayer and fasting.

They ask Christians to consider fasting on Thursdays, as it was Thursdays that people clapped and cheered for carers and key workers during the first lockdown.

Their letter, which can be download in full below, says: “Bearing in mind our primary vocation as the Church of Jesus Christ to pray and to serve, we call upon the Church of England to make this month of lockdown a month of prayer.

“More than anything else, whatever the nation thinks, we know that we are in the faithful hands of the risen Christ who knows our weaknesses, tiredness and struggles and whose steadfast love endures for ever.

“During this second lockdown we invite you to fast in a way appropriate to you as well as pray for our nation every Thursday, for its leaders, its health and essential services and all those who suffer.”

The Bishop of Taunton, Bishop Ruth and the archdeacons of this diocese have also written to all clergy and churchwardens in the diocese, encouraging people to consider how they might respond to this call to pray and fast.

The Church of England is still waiting for detailed guidance on the new lockdown, including whether outdoor Remembrance events may go ahead, socially distanced. This guidance will be posted as soon as possible on our coronavirus pages.

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