Living Lent in lockdown

This year Lent runs from Wednesday, begins on 17 February and we are likely to still be in some form of Lockdown, so what will Lent look like at a time when people feel they have been deprived of more than enough, with millions feeling starved of social contact?

Lent symbolises the 40 days where Christ was led into the wilderness by the Spirit and tempted by the devil. Traditionally, Christians have fasted during Lent. But why do Christians fast? One reason is to express our longing for breakthrough in the life of the church but for Harley Wykes, an intern on the diocesan ministry experience scheme, Lent this year is an opportunity to pray for a world impacted by Covid.

He says, “I feel Lent this year is an opportunity to pray for a breakthrough in the life of the world as we near the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. We can pray that humanity will band together to effectively vaccinate those who need it most. We can also pray that the vaccine will be able to fight any new strains of Covid that may emerge.”

If you would like to explore your faith this Lent, take a look at the #LiveLent resources from the Church of England, which seeks to encourage everyone to think about their Christian calling, share their faith and reflect on the difference Christ makes in our lives.

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