Local awards highlight Everyday Angels

The Angel of Hope project organised by St John’s Church Wellington included an invitation to nominate someone for an ‘Everyday Angel’ award; to say, ‘thank you’, to those who quietly make a positive contribution to their community, especially in these challenging times. The response was overwhelming with more than 150 certificates awarded to people of all ages in Wellington and the surrounding villages.

Pupils and staff in local schools were chosen for being kind, raising money and making a difference. There were nominations for people working in nursing homes, those helping to feed others during lockdown and local postal workers. Everyday Angel awards were given to those who have been good neighbours, supported the elderly and helped others through bereavement. Kindness, volunteering, inspiring others and making music were just some of the attributes people wanted to highlight.

Rev Selina Garner, who dropped off many of the awards said:

“It was such a joy to be able to knock on people’s doors and to go into local shops and businesses to give out the awards. People were often really surprised and yet everyone was touched that someone had taken time to nominate them. I met some amazing people giving out the awards and their stories filled me with hope as we enter another challenging year. It is so easy to focus on all the bad news and yet in every community there are some amazing people bringing us all hope through small and generous acts of kindness. I see in every award winner the teachings and example of Jesus being lived out here on earth and that fills me with great hope. The people who were given awards this year are our everyday angels and they all deserve to be on a Wellington and District New Years honours list.”

Just a few of the Everyday Angels

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