‘Prayer matters’ – hundreds gather to mark the end of diocese’s week of prayer

“What this week has highlighted is that prayer matters.” Archdeacon Adrian told a gathering of more than 135 people at the first of three Zoom gatherings which came at the end of a week of exploring prayer.  He told how he had watched the daily videos as he was running on the treadmill giving him a “physical and spiritual work out.”

More than 800 people across the diocese, signed up for Prayer – Everyone, Everywhere this week to think about prayer and what it looks like for different people and to inspire each other to weave prayer into our lives, every day.

There were three Zoom gatherings at the end of the week, in which people shared how had the week had given ‘a real sense of God with us in the storm.’ Bishop Peter joined one session from his hospital flat, where he is in isolation as he recovers from stem cell treatment.

Archdeacon Anne, who led the second zoom gathering, said: “Without the heartbeat of regular prayer I know that I may as well not be doing all the other things that crowd out my diary each day.”

Jane said: “I have been really encouraged this week; it gave me real hope for the future of the church.”

Others like Tom said they’d been inspired to, “link in with the ordinary and build prayer into his daily routine.” He now gives thanks for his day as he cleans his teeth at night.

And Denise, who is American, said that in a turbulent week for her country, she had been ‘encouraged to see people posting prayers for America on the prayer wall.’

Others said the ideas shared in the videos had encouraged them to think about the different creative ways to pray. Others had tried technology and prayer apps for the first time.

Earlier in the week Caroline said: “One of the ways I find myself praying is singing the ‘Blessing song’. As I sing I am praying for God to bless those communities that are on my heart, like hospital staff, or a family that I know is struggling or for those who are seeking to know God.”

Watch the video below for round up of the week.

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