Inspiring Hope this Lent

Inspiring Hope is a simple social media idea the Go Team have for Lent 2021. The idea is to share messages of hope, written by young people, across social media platforms each weekday during Lent.

Young people aged 11-16 in churches, youth groups and secondary schools around the Diocese have been asked to complete the sentence ‘Hope is…’ in 10 words or less, writing their message on cardboard or creating it as a social media post.

To accompany these messages there will be a two-minute video on each of the seven weekends, recorded by youth leaders and aimed at young people, sharing the hope they have.

Go Team Leader, Tony Cook commented, ‘During this time when many young people have every reason to lose their sense of hope, we want them to say what they are hopeful about, and for.’

If you’d like to join in, follow the Go Team on Instagram and Twitter . There’s an outline session for youth groups you can download and use (download below). We also have some ideas and suggestions for how schools could join in and consider hope this lent. Jenny Coram at St Bartholomew’s Church of England First School has put together a day of family learning for the children at St Bart’s. A huge thank you to Jen and the team for sharing this with us (download below).

Inspiring Hope – Week 1
With Millie Smith, Worship & Creative Intern at St Paul’s Church, Weston-super-Mare. Why not share the videos with young people you know and encourage them to create/post their ‘Hope is…’ messages this Lent? You can download this weeks from Vimeo.

Don’t forget to tag us @goteamadvisers and use the hashtag #HopeIs



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