Leading with confidence

Date: 21st September 2021

Time: 9:15 - 12:30

'Confidence: you have either got it or you haven't.'

Not true, despite the popularity of such sentiments. You can grow in confidence. Yet many leaders struggle with a lack of confidence. They feel like impostors, that one day they will be found out. Others suffer from over-confidence, and sadly damage others around them. And in the light of the pandemic, most leaders have found themselves on the edge of their confidence, having to lead when they are themselves uncertain what to do.

This morning explores how to find appropriate confidence in our leadership, and plots a path to godly confidence.

Numbers are limited for this event and bookings will close on Sunday 19 September. Tickets cost £9.

This is part one of the Leadership: Getting Below the Surface mini-series of three mornings, but can also be attended as a standalone event. Doing stuff as a leader is only part of the leadership matrix. The other is what is going on below the surface, the stuff that impacts how we lead, and how the way we do leadership impacts us. Prepare to be stretched and grown in godly leadership.

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