Shaping a missional culture

Date: 28th September 2021

Time: 9:45 - 16:00

One church leader captured the moment when he said ‘Does God intend to use this crisis as a game-changer for the Church?’ The pandemic has already led to significant culture change in many churches. How might we build on this in a way that facilitates a renewed commitment to Christ’s mission and ministry in the world today?

Yet shaping culture is not easy. How do you shape culture but not trash the past? How do you shape culture and not impose personal preferences? How do you change culture and ensure it is lasting and not just until you leave? 

Packed full of practical ideas and helpful resources, join Charles Burgess, CPAS Leadership Specialist, as we find ways to shape a missional culture.

Numbers are limited for this event and bookings will close on Sunday 26 September. Tickets cost £19.

This is part two of the Refreshed Leadership for Reimagining Church series of five training days, but can also be attended as a standalone event. The series offers practical ideas for leaders in this reconstruction phase of the pandemic, as we seek to be adaptable to shape churches around new opportunities.

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