Lambeth Conference

The Archbishop of Canterbury has confirmed that the Lambeth Conference, originally planned for this summer 2020, will be delayed until summer 2022. This follows an earlier statement in March 2020 when it was hoped to delay it for just 12 months. Archbishop Justin says, “2021 is too risky. The pandemic is likely to be still widespread. The economies of the world will be suffering. Travel restrictions and quarantines are likely still to be in force. We do not expect a vaccine to be widely available.”

In the meantime, having aided capacity building in areas where communications are difficult to the extent possible, a series of virtual meetings will take place with the aim of ensuring that everyone arrives in Lambeth 2022 very well prepared and with work done. Archbishop Justin says, “The vision is to renew our sense of mutual belonging and to seek the energy of the Holy Spirit for the challenge of the post Covid world, to make Christ know and give Him all the glory.”

You can read Archbishop Justin’s announcement in full on the Lambeth Conference website.


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