Reader Statistical Return

Reader Statistical Return: Review for  2019

Your answers to the reader Statistical Return help us understand Reader Ministry in the Diocese. Although our ministry has no clear edges, when counting your activities, please restrict your answers  to those done in your representative role. We need to create as much parity across everyone’s answers, in order to get meaningful statistics. Thank you very much for completing this reader statistical return online, as it helps us greatly.

NB. If you can’t complete the form in one go, scroll to the bottom and click the save and continue later button. You will be given a link which you can then email to yourself.

2019 Reader Statistical Return

The 2019 Reader Statistical Return for statistics on Reader ministry in the diocese.
  • About You

  • Readers as Teachers of the Faith

  • (Enter each time, even if you have used the same sermon)
  • (Include house groups, prayer groups, quiet days, etc.)
  • (e.g. Exploring Christianity, Exploring Spirituality, LWAs, LPAs, CMD etc.)
  • Readers as Enablers of Mission

  • (e.g. outreach or community services (e.g. carol or civic services))
  • (e.g. Open the Book)
  • (e.g. as a governor, chaplain etc.)
  • (e.g. hospital, Street Pastors etc.)
  • Readers as Leaders in Church and Society

  • (Book of Common Prayer or Common Worship)
  • (e.g. at their home, in a residential home or in hospital)


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