Faith sharing firestarters

Enthusiastic witnesses inspiring one another

The big idea is to ‘start a fire’ of faith-sharing enthusiasm. Across the diocese, encouraging and inspiring one another to share our faith. Read on if that sounds good to you!

It began with the evangelists

We have begun to form a Diocesan evangelists’ network, for training and mutual support. What we would like to do is connect that network with as many people in our churches as possible. Especially those people who would find encouragement by spending time in the company of other natural evangelists.

Since a remit of the evangelist is to build up the body of Christ to do faith sharing, it seems a natural fit!

Making connections

So, we needed a way of connecting and encouraging every person in our churches to encourage and serve one another as witnesses for Jesus. To make sharing our faith a regular, and natural, part of our daily lives. And a terrific way of building on the training in the Talking Jesus mini course we run in the diocese.

I’d say this was an iron sharpens iron kind of approach.

New opportunities

The current times have presented a fantastic opportunity for better connections. With people becoming more familiar with Zoom, we aren’t as limited by geography. Therefore, the virtual doors are being flung wide. We are inviting everyone interested in taking a proactive approach to faith sharing to be part of the Firestarter group.

How often, what and when?

The pattern is to meet monthly in an alternating pattern. The first month is a ‘book club’ kind of discussion and reflection.  We agree to read a book about sharing our faith and meet online to discuss what we think. The second month is a guest visit by someone with a national ministry.

Gatherings are on the second Monday of the month for about 90 minutes. Starting at 7.30pm

Between gatherings, we are making connections with one another. For now, it’s via an email round-robin. As the group grows, we will adopt other methods.

To keep flexible, we are also making it so that people can tap in at whatever level they like. So, if they feel that they want to just listen to the guest speakers, then they can. If they want just the book club, or even just the interim chats, then that’s good too.

This is very much a work in progress. So, to make sure you don’t miss out, please use the contact form below to let me know you are interested.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Revd Andy Gray, Faith Sharing Enabler

Faith sharing firestarters
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