Sharing your faith

Challenges when it comes to Talking About Jesus

We might worry about sharing what we believe with other people, and think that we should keep what we believe to ourselves. But we don’t need to worry: the people we know are more open to faith than we might think. 43 per cent believe Jesus rose from the dead, for example.

Many Christians struggle to talk about Jesus and lack the confidence to do so. If you are one of them, you aren’t alone, and we want to help.

How we can help you be more confident in sharing your faith

A few years back, our bishops held six ‘Community Conversations’ around the diocese. They wanted to see in what way they could most help the faithful people in the diocese engage in mission and evangelism in their communities. It turns out that people wanted help to be able to share the faith that they had with more confidence.

We (the evangelism and pioneer team) want to help people become more courageous, more confident, and more natural when they talk about Jesus to other people.

What are the challenges of being a confident faith sharer?

It’s difficult to tell people about what we believe, isn’t it? Many thoughts go through our minds…

  • What if our friends and family don’t want to listen? Where does that leave our relationship?
  • What if they laugh when I talk about Jesus?
  • What if I don’t have the answers to their questions?
  • Faith is a private thing, and we shouldn’t talk to other people about it.
  • Being a Christian isn’t the only faith in England… Am I going to offend people of other religions?
  • People won’t like me if they think I’m ‘religious.’
  • I don’t know enough!