Pray for friends to share your faith with

This is a true story that happened to one of the participants of our Talking Jesus Course in the first three weeks!  Watch the video or read the rest of this article for the full story.

One of the key ideas of the Talking Jesus Course is that nothing happens without prayer! We pray for a chance to say something to our friends when we notice where God is working.

We pray for a chance to say something about our faith. And we pray for the confidence that when that chance comes up, we will be able to open our mouths and speak. 


Do please share this video with those in your congregation or use it as part of your own Talking Jesus Course. It shows people how they might get started in sharing their faith in an approachable way.

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A lady on the course – we will call her Helen – heard me suggest praying for five friends.  We pray for five friends for the chance to say something to them from week one. If there is ten people on the course, for example, that means we are praying for 50 people who don't yet know Jesus.

Now Helen and her friends had one thing in common. Their husbands had died.  And so Helen and her friends supported one another. And they loved going on day trips.

A couple of weeks after that first session of Talking Jesus, Helen went on a day trip to the seaside with some of those friends she was praying for.

While they were there they saw something quite unusual. There, at the water's edge, a bunch of young people were starting to gather.

Helen then realised what was going on! It was a baptism. In the sea.

Her friends were fascinated, and had never seen anything like that. And before you knew it they had their cameras out, taking photographs.

They started to ask Helen all about it. And even a couple of days later they were looking at the photos and asking questions. Helen was over the moon! It was so easy to talk about her faith in a natural way, because her friends were asking!  God had provided her with an answer to her prayer: an opportunity to talk naturally about her faith.

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