Community Conversations

Between February and April 2017 Bishop Peter and Bishop Ruth hosted Community Conversation events at different venues across the diocese, where over 600 people gathered to share stories and experiences.

The events were shaped around four questions:

  • How did you first hear the story of Jesus
  • What help do you need to take the vision forward?
  • From all you have heard today, what would you like to ask?
  • What one thing from today will you communicate to your local church/community?

Through these events our bishops and diocesan support teams have heard much and gathered a wealth of information that is set to shape the future of our diocese as we continue to love and serve the 900,000 people of Somerset.

You can download a summary of the responses to the four questions below, plus “What’s the next step?” produced for the events, to encourage individuals, groups and Church leaders to encourage thinking and activity around mission and evangelism in their communities.

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