Investing in mission – video clips

Youth and Children

Andy Levett and Cheryl Govier, along with Tony Cook, make up the three members of the Go Team. There will be one adviser in each of the three archdeaconries each with a responsibility to better support, resource and equip youth and children’s ministry locally. Here Andy and Cheryl explain what they hope to achieve.

Local Mission

The Revd Paul Clarke arrived into the parish of Wookey in 2014. The local narrative was that it was a parish in decline. The Church of St Matthew is now a vibrant church, but this hasn’t been without its challenges.  Paul explains how he is working with the community to change perceptions in the rural parish of Wookey.


Rural Dean of Bath, the Revd Richard Wilson, is taking steps to develop ways of encouraging discipleship in the deanery. Through a supportive “learning hub”, church leaders are beginning to change the culture within their own churches and make disciples of all, whether that’s in church, at work or at play in Bath.


Tracey Hallett, a Community and Church Pioneer in Ilminster, explains how she is finding new ways to live and tell the story of Jesus in her community.

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