Developing Teams

There are many biblical examples of team work which has inspired the phrase ‘no-one alone’ in this diocese. The Lay Ministry team offers tailor-made support to parishes and benefices to strengthen the contribution made to the life and work of the Church through teamwork. We work with lay and clergy teams as well as clergy-only teams.

Our approach usually involves clarifying needs, proposing learning opportunities and then helping to implement them, offering support throughout.

Relevant courses available include:

  • Called to serve
    This looks at the spiritual gifts of each team member and helps members explore how God may be calling them to serve the Church.
  • Team work and leadership
    This considers what kind of team the team needs to be, the nature and practice of leadership, and issues of leadership, authority and power.
  • Gifts and preferences
    By using team assessment tools such as Belbin, McClelland or Myers Briggs, the team learns how each member is best able to contribute to the team and their areas for development.
  • Being the Church in the local context
    This helps the team identify either a particular project as a focus for their action or an overall vision/ set of priorities for the team.
  • Disciplines for being closer to God
    Encourages the team to consider its spiritual practices.
  • Conflict transformation
    Looks at the skills of handling conflict and helps resolve any issues within the team.

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