Vision and Planning

We work with parishes and benefices to help the local church discern the way forward under God. We have helped scores of churches over the years to reflect about their experience and look ahead with confidence.

We do not have a template to apply in all situations. We will design support to meet the local circumstances.

Our experience does suggest that working with a local group, often the PCC and other members of the congregation, for a day and perhaps a follow-on evening is useful.

Typically a time away can involve discussing:

  • The journey so far – what are memorable events in the life of the church?
  • The local community- what is it like to live in the vicinity?
  • The church – what words describe the church and what does the church do well now?
  • Gifts – how has God already gifted us so we can respond to God’s call?
  • The future – If we are reflecting on our actions in the future, for what will we be thanking God?
  • Moving forward – what are the immediate next steps, who will take them and by when?


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