Who We Are

Guiding Principles


We offer this ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and in obedience to him, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and for the love of our fellow men and women. We claim nothing for ourselves.  There is no place for any self-importance in this ministry – in our own hearts and minds, or in others’ perception of us.

The Christian healing ministry in this parish or benefice is offered by a team of people who feel called and have been commissioned to serve the community in this way; and who meet regularly to pray and to train, and to support one another in this work.

Membership of the healing group or the healing team does not make us special. It is one service amongst many that members of the Christian congregation can offer to the whole community, alongside the service of the Church Wardens, the parish committees, those who provide music for services, or provide pastoral care, or care for the beauty and upkeep of our churches, and others.

We recognise that healing is an integral part of the whole ministry of the Church and that what we offer is only one particular contribution to this wider ministry.

Self-Awareness and Openness to One Another

We will be constantly aware of our motives for sharing in this ministry, and those tendencies that may spoil us for it – self-interest, self-importance, a false appreciation of our ‘gifts’, curiosity, careless talk. We must be constantly discerning of the rightness of our ‘calling’ to it, and our fitness for it.

If we have doubts about any of these things, there is no shame in standing back from the ministry. The existence of the ‘group’ and the ‘team’ allows us to move to and fro between an active role and a supportive role, and no one should feel bad about withdrawing from one or the other.

We will be open and truthful with one-another, and prepared to accept each other’s insights and guidance; recognising the importance of sharing our own needs and experiences with one another.


We will treat the confidences exchanged in our meetings and with people for whom we pray or with whom we talk about their needs, with absolute discretion. We will not express opinions or concerns about them with others outside the group.

We will show great sensitivity to everyone whose need is known to us and those who care for them. We will be easily available to all, but impose our ministry on no one. We will not be intrusive in our approach to people or our enquiries about people.

Spiritual Life and Spiritual Growth

We will not be sufficiently loving, understanding, discerning, self-aware, humble, discrete and effective unless our personal spiritual life is our real priority, and we are constantly growing in spiritual maturity, through prayer, worship and study. The ministry of healing should be a ‘vehicle’ for the spiritual growth of individuals and the community as a whole, and a demonstration that “the Kingdom of God is at hand”.


All this requires personal and spiritual discipline; including the discipline of commitment to our work together as a group, and to seek and to take opportunities to share in quietness and in prayer; and more formally, to acknowledge our accountability to the Church locally and in the Diocese.

The Diocesan Healing Advisory Group

Group Members

  • Justine North – Chair
  • Josie Halla – Administrator
  • Caroline Bruce
  • Jonathan Clark
  • Miggs Clark
  • Tricia Coleman
  • Ann Fulton
  • Margaret Hendy
  • Julia Hill
  • Neil Madill
  • David Maggs
  • Revd. Canon Rosalind Paul
  • Sally Walters

Who to contact

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